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I welcome you to my blog. I am Djodje, and my birthplace is Serbia.

I have been interested in computers and the internet since I was a child. The internet was just emerging during my childhood, and users accessed it using modems. Some were weird because they hissed and beeped 🙂

Nowadays, I am a freelancer, and I travel a lot. My goal is to share my life experience with you. I use my skills on the computer and the internet to examine various exciting products and services. I analyze them and read the testimonials of customers. I inform my audience about these services and products to help them make the right choice when making a purchase. My main objective is to help people find answers to their questions. I have dedicated my life to finding out about different services and products to help people make the right choices.

When working as a freelancer, it is essential to move around, so I do my best to eat well and exercise. I also write about my lifestyle and share it with my audience. Movement is life, and I think you will love my site. I would be glad if you would follow me on social networking sites and provide me with your suggestions and opinions. I will be happy to read them. Receive my warm regards and have a good time! 🙂


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