The Last TV Series I Watched

peaky blinders
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I, like many people, love to sit back in my favorite chair and watch interesting movies and TV series.

The last series that I watched also happens to be the best one ever as I absolutely loved it and totally recommend it. And the name of the series is Peaky Blinders! It has really been the ultimate series, which would seriously be worth every second you spend watching it. It is set in the 1920s about the famous British gangster who lived back then. The story and the cinematography will get you immersed, and you will definitely start to get the vibes of the past. Emotional, intense yet real, and absorbing, this series is all about suspense, thrill, and drama!

Why do I Love Peaky Blinders so Much?

There has been a single boring episode for me in this series. Every episode had its twists and turns, so their want any dull moment for me. The main characters, especially Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, has truly been a delight to watch. He has portrayed the character so well, from his clever calculations to leadership qualities to his ruthless nature; everything is just too precise and beautiful. A truly well-written, directed, and played the character. My favourite characters include Aunt Polly (played by Helen McCrory) and Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardie).

Once the story is built during the first season, you will get hooked to the series, and it would get hard for you not to watch back-to-back episodes. The story is adapted from the post-WW1 era and is based on the unconventional 1919’s working class of Birmingham and the tensions they faced ranging from government instabilities and post-war traumatized humanity to the difficult upsurge of Communism and the economic disparity the then-society. It would be hard for you to turn back once you start watching it!

Moreover, it keeps getting better! You would simply love the ethereal presence of Grace Burgess (played by Annabelle Wallis). She is playing an undercover intelligence officer for the government who soon become the love interest of the anti-hero, Tommy Shelby. The love story between the two is so magnetic and undeniable that you will start rooting for the two.

The content is very original, and each actor is playing their role so brilliantly that it is hard to ignore any of them. The script defines the time and history, especially when it comes to Tommy Shelby’s charm! The events of each season leave you astonished and wanting more to uncover. From the deaths of Grace to John (Shelby’s brother and right-hand man), everything is just so absorbing! (sorry for the spoilers, though!)

For me, it has been an absolute cinematic delight! I fell in love with the character of Tommy Shelby as the story kept progressing. Although he was a gangster, there was something about his persona and multi-layered personality that made me fall for him. If you wish to experience the multiple facets of life, explore the grey areas of the human personality, and go beyond the black and white world, then this is the series to watch. Just go and watch it right away and come back to thank me later!

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