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Recently, I have started making healthy lifestyle choices and changes. These choices have helped me become a better and healthier individual. From exercising daily to being mindful to eating healthy, these changes have helped me become not only fit but also happy. Here are some of my healthy eating practices and tips that you can adapt and switch to a healthy lifestyle effortlessly:

  1. Take it slow: eating slowly and thoroughly chewing my food has helped me a lot in controlling my portion. It helps me to eat lesser calories and lose extra weight. Switch to Whole Grains: I switched to whole grain bread instead of refined ones. Refined grains are associated with many health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer, so why risk your life.
  1. Greek Yogurt: switch to Greek yogurt as it is richer in proteins and fat that makes you feel fuller for longer. Choose the plain and unflavoured variety and add some fruits to it for an extra punch of nutrients if you don’t like to have it plain. 
  1. Make a Grocery List: be mindful while you go pantry or grocery shopping. Making a list will help you get only the healthy things that you need and avoid mindless munching and snacking on empty carbs. 
  1. Eggs: Eggs are a healthy breakfast. I make sure to include them in my morning routine so that I get all the nutrients and protein to start my day off. 
  1. Increase Protein: I increased my protein intake by adding lean meats, nuts, eggs, and dairy products to my diet. It helps me stay satiated for longer while curbing my cravings and allowing me to lose weight. 
  1. Drink plenty of water: drinking enough water is another healthy choice that I have made. Avoiding fizzy drinks, sodas, and drinking plain water has helped improve my metabolism as well as skin so much. 
  1. Eating my greens first: I have started to eat my greens first. This has helped me limit my calories and lose weight. A great way to start your meal!
  1. Replace juice with fruits: don’t drink your fruits; rather, eat them. This will help you avoid the extra sugar while getting water, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  1. Get quality sleep: getting enough sleep has been another factor that has helped me become healthier. I feel refreshed every morning and make healthier food and life choices as my mind is on the right track due to getting enough sleep.
  1. Black Coffee: coffee is loaded with antioxidants. Don’t ruin it by adding extra sugars, heavy creams, etc., and take it black. It has helped me in getting on the track of weight loss.
  1. Switch to smaller plates: I have switched to smaller plates, which has helped me immensely in portion control. I take smaller portions of these plates and take longer to eat them and hence being able to limit my calories. 
  1. Avoid Junk and Processed food: one of the major steps that you can take towards eating healthy is to avoid all the junk and processed foods and switch to their organic and natural alternatives. Processed foods are not only loaded with calories but are also harmful to health and cause obesity. 
  1. Omega-3 and Vitamin D supplements: include vitamin D and Omega-3 supplements in your diet to get all the right nutrients. Try to have seafood, or else add supplements. 

So, go ahead, use my tips and recommendations for switching to healthy eating, and see how easier it becomes to manage and maintain your weight. 

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