Things to do in Montenegro

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Montenegro – although a small country but is filled with both natural and man-made wonders. From its beautiful highlands to the blue Adriatic Sea to UNESCO walled cities and antique villages, it is loaded with places to visit and things to do. So, if this country has been on your bucket list, check out my favorite things to do here before you plan your itinerary.

1.    Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar - Montenegro

A hidden gem that is not well-known but the ultimate highlight of Montenegro for me – the Skadar Lake that is shaped like a dolphin and is the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. You can take a boat tour that traverses the island monasteries, fortresses, monuments, beaches, and fishing villages.

2.    Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon - Montenegro

Loaded with pine forests and clear lakes, the 82-km canyon is a UNESCO Heritage Site that is also the world’s largest canyon that splices the mountains of Durmitor National Park. The 150m high bridge on this River is known to be among the most beautiful ones across the world. If you love rafting and the thrill that it brings like me, then Tara River is a must-visit. It offers the ultimate white water rafting experience across the river. You can also opt for jeep safari and adventures like zip-lining and canyoning.

3.    Podgorica

Podgorica - Montenegro

The ancient city of Podgorica, which is also the capital of Montenegro, overseas the convergence of the two rivers Morača and Ribnica. The city has a blend of architecture ranging from glitzy and latest shopping malls to the age-old Ottoman curios. A highlight of the city is the beautiful and natural Niagara Falls, which is just 10 minutes drive from the town. You can enjoy swimming in the pools if you visit during summer.

4.    Perast

Perast - Montenegro

Then comes the alluring stone town of Montenegro, Perast, which is a picturesque wonder of palazzos! Two beautiful island churches offshore are the highlight of the town. You can enjoy boat trips across the town. I recommend feasting in the hotel Conte, which offers beautiful views of the seafront as well as serves some exquisite seafood platters that are fresh from the sea.

5.    Blue Grotto Cave, Lustica Peninsula

Blue Grotto Cave, Lustica Peninsula - Montenegro

While around Lustica, do visit the Blue Grotto Cave. When the light hits the water here, it refracts and emits a beautiful shade of blue hence giving the place its name. You can boat and swim in this vibrant water which is once in a lifetime magical experience. The place gets very crowded during summers. So if you like peace on your trips, visit off-season and enjoy the serenity.

6.    Ulcinj

Ulcinj - Montenegro

If you are up for some beachside fun, you must visit the town of Ulcinj that is close to the Albanian border that gives off an Eastern feel due to its Ottoman Control in the past. The town is a fine blend of minarets, mosques, and beaches. Besides the beach, you can enjoy the sumptuous views of the town from the Sailor’s Mosque, which was the former lighthouse as well. There are many hidden wonders in the town. Diving and deep-sea fishing are the hot favorite tourist activities here.


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