Roomba 671 Review – A Great Robot Vacuum at a Good Price

Roomba 671 Review
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When you are out to look for a robot vacuum cleaner, you want one that fits all the types of your cleaning needs for your home and family. Thanks to the introduction of the Roomba 671 from iRobot. You can now get a great vacuum without breaking the bank.

The robot comes with many features from the higher-priced models combined with the lower Roomba 671 price of the average-rated robot vacuum to provide you with a highly capable and well-rounded robot. While it’s a perfect fit for most people and their cleaning needs, others might feel that they want more. Here is an exclusive Roomba 671 review to help you know if it’s the ideal solution for your cleaning needs.

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About iRobot Company

Before we dive deeper into Roomba 671, let’s look at a few details about the manufacturer of this high-quality but cheap vacuum model. iRobot is a leading and reputable American-based worldwide consumer robot company that designs and makes robots that make people’s work easier in and out of the home.

The company was founded in 1990 and has since developed many incredible robots, including the award-winning Roomba Vacuuming robot. By purchasing any of their products, including the Roomba 671, quality is highly guaranteed.

Features of Roomba 671 Vacuum

You obviously want to find out the Roomba 671 parts, features, and what makes the robot worth the investment. Let’s dive in and look at the features that might make you go for the Roomba 671 or change your mind.

Battery; Massive and Quickly Charged

The battery is one of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a robotic cleaner. Without an excellent power supply, you can have all the features you want in a cleaner, but the robot will be of no use if it can’t last long enough to use.

The Roomba 671 features a massive 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery that generates more than enough power to the sensors, motor, and wheels. The Roomba 671 battery will be sufficient to maintain the voice command module alert and wireless communications and operate the robotic cleaner for more than an hour.

According to the manufacturer, the battery life expectancy is about one and a half hours. However, the timeline is not so accurate, and unless you are using the robot in a place without tons of obstacles, debris, and dirt, the machine will not experience the full 90 minutes.

Depending on your floor type, you will get about 80 to 70 minutes of cleaning time which is sufficient to allow you to clean up to 1200 square feet of mixed flooring or up to 1400 square feet of hard flooring.

Roomba 671 Charge

When the Roomba 671 battery goes below ten percent, the robot will halt the cleaning cycle and go back to the charging station. The robot will rest in the cradle and recharge all by itself. It takes about two hours to charge fully.

After it’s fully charged, the robot cleaner will stay on the charger until you give new cleaning cycle instructions. The vacuum cleaner won’t resume the cleaning itself and pick up or remember where the machine left. So, if your entire floor space is not being cleaned at one charge cycle, you can always give the robot instructions to take a different path.

iRobot 671 Filter

The filter in a robot vacuum has two main functions. First, a filter prevents the motor part from collecting debris and dust, which prevents overheating. Secondly, the filter helps in filtering the exhaust air before the air returns to the room. 

You have probably heard about HEPA filtration. This is a measuring point that indicates the filter collects particles as small as 3 microns in size. The filter traps most allergens commonly found in our homes, like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

However, Roomba 671 has no HEPA filtration and instead uses the AeroForce filter, which collects elements down to 5 microns. The filter is still minor enough to keep your home dust-free but not as great in preventing some allergen elements from recurring to the floor.

Nevertheless, as long as you are not following the robot vacuum around, you won’t get many allergic elements in your respiratory system.

So, although HEPA filtration is more effective, it should not be a ‘buy it or leave it’ determiner for all robotic vacuums. The vacuums have an easy job of keeping your floors presentable, and the Roomba 671 does that perfectly.

Cleaning Modes

Roomba 671 comes with two cleaning modes; auto and spot. The robot does not have a power boost, no edge-cleaning mode, or single-room cleaning. Auto is the default mode. The robot decides where to clean and the pattern to follow by itself. iRobot 671 utilizes Dirt Detection technology to determine the places to spend more time on.

The robot then keeps cleaning the zone until the bin fills up or the Roomba 671 battery goes low. On the other hand, the Spot mode focuses on a specific area. 671 is a handy option if you want to clean up a mess.

Cleaning Modes

You can activate the two modes in two ways. You can either use the physical buttons or the iRobot app that needs a WIFI setup. Also, keep in mind that pressing the CLEAN button on either the app or robot automatically triggers the default auto mode.

Simple but Convenient Navigation

This is one of the sections where the iRobot compromised to make the Roomba 671 price lower. Pricier models such as the Roomba 960 have more advanced senses and algorithms that map and scan the floor to compute an optimum cleaning path. The 671 does not have such a feature. Therefore, the machine has a random clean pattern similar to the budget robot vacuums.

But this does not make the machine as bad. The Roomba 671 will ultimately get the job done though it will take longer to clean the space than more intelligent robots.

More so, Roomba 671 is not fully dumb. The robot comes with a Dirt sensor that ensures you won’t miss any spot. The machine also features Roomba’s iAdapt system that uses a range of senses to direct the robot vacuum cleaner along the walls, around obstacles, under furniture, and away from stairs.

Speaking of cleaning under the chair, the Roomba 671 has been designed with a slim profile that enables it to go under anything. It will rarely get stuck.

One feature that I wish was included with the robot is the virtual wall. However, the machine is still compatible with the Roomba dual mode virtual wall, but you have to purchase it separately. As stated earlier, when the Roomba 671 battery goes low as the robot cleans, it activates the auto-recharge feature and goes to the recharging dock for charging.

Roomba 671 Scheduling and Automation

Nowadays, iRobot designs all the Roomba vacuum cleaners with a WIFI connection, including the cheaper models. Therefore, similar to the 960 or 890, you can control the 671 wirelessly from your phone regardless of your location.

Most settings are found in the app, so you will require to set up your WIFI. Remember that the Roomba 671 is compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi, so ensure your router is dual-band or 2.4GHz.

Roomba 671 Scheduling and Automation

In case of any problem, the manual comes with detailed instructions, and you can conveniently reach out to iRobot customer support for help. After successfully adding the iRobot 671 to your home network and downloading the smartphone app, you can monitor and control the machine from anywhere, including starting and stopping cleaning, selecting a cleaning mode, and viewing cleaning history.

You can even schedule a 7-day auto-cleaning mode. The robot will begin cleaning automatically at the specific set time and day.

Besides the buttons and the app, you can also control the Roomba 671 through a smart speaker such as Google Home or Echo. The robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, although the voice commands are relatively limited for now. You can only order the basic commands like stop, start and dock the robot.

Convenient Cleaning Ability

Like most Roomba models, Roomba 671 has a 3-step cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and suctions debris and dirt into a relatively sizable bin.

It has a spinning side brush that loosens the dirt on carpeting and hard floorings. More so, the side brush sweeps the dirt into the robot’s path to be vacuumed up.

When cleaning along the wall, the robot uses its side brush to pull in dirt from the corners and edges where the round-shaped robot cannot reach. 

The roller brush is the one that performs most of the lifting. The brush also helps stir up the debris and dirt on the rugs when rotating, making sure the vacuum collects even the smaller bits hiding deeper in the floor or fiber. 

The Roomba 671’s suction is rated at 600 Pascals. Although the vacuum is sufficiently good, it’s not as powerful as the more expensive models, such as the 1700 Pascal’s suction power in the Roomba 890. But the cleaner can efficiently pick up dust, nuts, spilled sugar, pet hair, pollen, pet dander, and other types of minor debris.

Like most robot vacuum cleaners, the iRobot 671 works best on hard floorings such as hardwood, linoleum, and tiles. Roomba 671 also does a clean job on carpets. But you should avoid using the vacuum on a thick or shaggy rug as it’s not sufficiently powerful for such work. The robot can easily get stumbled by the long fibers. iRobot 671 is only ideal for low to medium pile carpets.

Most customers like the auto-adjusting cleaning head feature. The brushes automatically go lower or up depending on whether you are cleaning a carpeted floor or bare floor to offer a more thorough and deeper cleaning.

1-Year Warranty Plus Free Shipping

Another best thing about getting Roomba 671 is that the product comes with a one-year warranty, guaranteeing high quality. 671 is a Roomba product, a company with a reliable and long history. If anything goes wrong, you will have a one-year warranty cover.

Roomba 671 price is one of the lowest, and you can conveniently check and buy from Amazon with free worldwide shipping. The product also comes with a money-back guarantee if returned in decent condition. You can check the 671 out now.

How to Maintain Roomba 671

Maintaining the iRobot 671 in great working condition is easy. You should empty the dust bin after every cleaning. Don’t wash the filter. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the cliff senses at the bottom of the robotic vacuum, which will help to eliminate any dirt that can inhibit their functioning. You also regularly wipe the charging contacts on both the robot and its base.

The next thing is conducting a quick check-up of the robot for any issues. Turn it over and analyze the front caster wheel where debris and pet hair sometimes get caught. Wipe all the debris by taking off the wheel and looking at the suction inlet for any trapped debris.

The brushes also require regular cleaning, about one time weekly. Both brushes are easily removable for convenient cleaning. Lastly, you should refer to the manual on when to replace the brushes and the filter. Roomba 671 parts can be bought on Amazon.  

Specifications List:

Dimensions: 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches
Suction power:600 Pa
Multi-room navigation:No
Entire level cleaning:No
WiFi Connectivity:Voice control, Mobile App
Battery:3000 mAh Lithium-ion
Running time:90 minutes
Charging time:120 minutes
Remote control:No
Mobile App:Yes
Drop and Bump Sensors:Yes
Smart home integration:Yes
Bin Capacity:300 mL
Filter:AeroForce Standard
Mapping and Intelligent Navigation:No
Virtual Wall Barrier:Optional
Price:Check on Amazon


  • Great cleaning ability on all floor types
  • A relatively affordable smart robotic cleaner
  • Easy to schedule from anywhere through the app and voice commands
  • Can clean pet hair and other debris types with ease.
  • Reliable battery life of 90 minutes
  • Automatically returns to the charging station on low battery, which saves time.
  • WiFi connectivity available
  • Its relatively lightweight


  • No intelligent navigation and mapping
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • No resume feature after recharging

Bottom Line

The Roomba 671 is a great robot vacuum that offers the right balance between efficiency, cleaning power, and cost. Featuring self-cleaning brush rolls, wireless connection and scheduling, a large bin, and simple-to-use controls, the machine is perfect for most people and their cleaning needs.

However, the vacuum might not be perfect for those more concerned with allergens in their house or those who need a more efficient clean on high pile carpeting. Overall, Roomba 671 is not luxurious as some higher-end expensive robots, but 671 contains lots of features at a more affordable price.   

Roomba 671 Frequently Asked Questions

In the section of Roomba 671 Review, we will address some of the frequently asked questions by customers.

Q1. Will this robot cleaner help with shedding pets?

Absolutely yes! Shed hair from pets ends up being trapped in the top layer of carpets and gets pushed into the clumps along the baseboards and corners of your house. The Roomba 671 is very efficient in cleaning all the areas free from hair.  During the first few cleanings, you will require regular emptying of the collection bin as the hair will fill it up quickly. Nevertheless, after several trips around your home, things will settle down, and you will have few hairs to clean.

Q2. Do I have to control the vacuum with wireless devices?

No, you won’t have to use the wireless voice commands or the Roomba mobile app to control the Roomba 671. The local controls will be convenient to get the job done. You can turn the cleaning cycle on and off via the local controls, set the vacuum to clean a specific area, and return the robot to the charging place. The only thing you won’t perform is viewing the robot’s status, checking the Roomba 671 battery level, or editing or creating schedules.

Q3. Will the Roomba 671 go over the vent covers laid into the in-floor air and heating vent holes, or avoid them?

This will depend on the type of outlet cover. Some are sub-mounted or flush, so they are level with the floor surface, while others are raised with slight levers poking up. Fortunately, the Roomba 671 will easily travel over any height difference of up to half an inch. The opening covers are lesser than half an inch, so traversing them will not be an issue. Nevertheless, if the vents are exposed, the drop sensors could detect the vent as a sill and either try going around them or stop.  In either way, this should not be much of a problem.


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